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Let's talk about belief and mindset.


This, for me, is how I live my life. BE – DO – HAVE sums up, in three words, everything that I believe in business.

It starts off with BE. And this ties in with my other article in this section, Living & Relatioship Styles – IF YOU’RE OK and I’M OK and EVERYONE’S OK and we're all talking at the same level – then there’s got to be a core belief in you that you are BEING an OK person.

You’ve got to believe in yourself and not vere into cockyness or nastiness. You’ve got to be the managing director of your company.

You’ve got to be the person that can provide the solutions. You’ve got to be someone that’s got the confidence and the energy and exhibits responsibility and accountability and you’re owning your ship.

That’s where it begins. If you can’t do the BE bit the rest won't follow.

So, it’s really important that you take some time out to understand what it is your clients are looking for.

People are not interested in your products. They’re interested in the product of your products!

What will YOU do for them?

What will YOU bring to the relationship?

How will YOU help your clients?

And you can’t instill that just by having a nice system. You’ve got to BE the person that they rely upon and TRUST.

It's about you being the ‘GO TO GUY/GAL’ to support and help them.

Then you’ve got to DO what’s necessary.  You can’t just sit back and let it all happen (or expect it to ‘just happen’).

Do what’s necessary, work hard, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

If you BELIEVE, and you’re DOING the things you need to do then you will HAVE the outputs in life that you deserve.

With tenacity and vision, it's that simple.