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Rocket Science

Running your own business can be challenging to say the least. We all need help, support and guidance at some stage. Lacking or not having the right planning, business strategy, tools and support in place can sometimes create difficult situations.

The key to success in business is constant improvement. It is important to understand where the business has been, where it is now and where it needs to be in the future.

I believe Sales is not rocket science, rather, it's more to do with every business process that feeds into a Sales Process. With many years experience in sales process design, I guide folk beyond what most people tend to demand in business - which frequently is: isolated sales technique.

Getting to where you want to be 

Technique is great, though, it will only get you so far. You can have fabulous, scientifically designed and proven running shoes, but if you yourself are not fit, the best running shoes in the world won't get you to where you want to be.

If you want to take your business stratospheric then you need a finely tuned sales generating machine. And that sales process or sales method needs to be deeply and richly integrated with every other business process.

Seamless Success and lifetime value.

The relationship between all of these areas must be seamless in order for the sales piece to be successful. The goal is to reach the point where the life long value of your customers and clients is as rewarding and valuable as possible. Every area of your business has an impact on your customers, so, it is crucial that every person and every department in your business is working like a well oiled machine. That way your customers will be WOWed by the experience they have every time they buy from you.

And it's not as difficult as you may believe!

Forristal Associates specialise in helping business owners and their teams develop and deploy powerful, profitable and predictable sales processes, sales strategies and business processes.  We do this through teaching Buyer Beaviour to your entire organisation.  Imagine if everyone you employ is acutely aware of their impact on the client egagement process for customer aquisition all the way through to product/service delivery and far beyond, what would your organisation be like?

Our approach is exciting, challenging and great fun.

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